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About Convergent

Convergent Technologies is an emerging leader in the field of Integrated Healthcare Solutions. We strive to provide innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions enabling people live healthier lives.

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Convergys® X3 is a heavy duty compact Hematology Analyzer offering an optimal solution for hospitals, clinics and practices, which require high quality and fast CBC and 20 parameter 3-part WBC differential results.


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New product line of Convergys® coagulation reagents

We are delighted to inform you about the launch of our new product line of Convergys® coagulation reagents.

Our coagulation product line covers all the standard assays used in coagulation analysis, providing reagents and accessories for the measurement of:
Prothrombin Time (Convergys® PT Owren and Convergys® PT Quick), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (Convergys® APTT), Fibrinogen (Convergys® Fib) and Thrombin Time (Convergys® TT).
For further details on our coagulation reagents please visit:

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You can download the product brochure on a single page. We have organized all the products so that it will be quite easy to get all the product brochure. If you still need further assistance, please contact us

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